venerdì 31 agosto 2018

In view of the celebrations of a Day for the Protection of Creation - Rome, the 1st of September 2018.

With this brief reflection we highlight some questions that arise spontaneously and impose themselves on the critical spirit of those who look disenchantedly at today's society:

May the Christians of our time continue to invoke the urgency of an energetic transition, a moderation in consumerist habits for the whole human community, the need to safeguard creation and future generations, without requiring at the same time a different and more serious commitment of Nations and Institutions on a global level on debated and unresolved topics within the same world of scientific research and that have not yet found adequate and satisfactory answers?

After having shared the recent address of His Holiness Pope Francis I, reported on press agencies about the urgency of an energy transition in order to avoid that the victims of climate change are the poorest, (refer for instance to ), with passionate and filial reverence to our Church I address to all of You questions that seem to afflict the spirit of many Christians, hoping to contribute to focus both institutional and public attention on these unresolved issues, which appears to be of crucial importance for the sustainability of the energy transition and for a peaceful future, fair and sustainable World.
It is not only my personal opinion that as Christians, particularly in Europe, a THRUTH CAMPAIGN should be promoted on such issues on behalf of PEACE and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT of the entire World.
To this aim, I summarize below five topics that is necessary to clarify, first of all, for ethical reasons :
1) the actual destructive potential and the actual geographical dislocations of weapons of mass destruction (NBC, Electromagnetic Pulse, neutron, etc.) and not only those of nuclear weapons;
2) the actual existence - as fanciful as it may seem - of unconventional (advanced technological) weapons capable of concentrating unthinkable amounts of pulsating energy  in microseconds on faults in the earth's crust  and favoring seismic events in predetermined geographical places;
3) the actual state of the art on the development of fourth and fifth generation nuclear reactors, including the so-called "intrinsically safe" and on which the long term hopes for the survival of a declining nuclear peaceful technology are placed;
4) the actual contribution that the ITER project (under construction in Cadarache - France) can give after 50 years of basic and technological research on hot fusion, given that the density of plasmas on the Earth (even with the expected effects of toroidal striction through powerful helicoidal electromagnetic fields) it is however subject to natural limits for gravitational effects in comparative terms compared to the stellar plasmas where the hot fusion actually takes place. (In practice: the required power densities do not seem to be reachable on Earth!).
5) the effective contribution that can give serious research - always avoided and misled - on cold fusion, which according to some physicists is a concrete, detectable and measurable effect, not yet really understood and exploited for the production of energy.
Today's world withered by crises and inequalities, by conflicts and manipulations, by fear for the present that we are living and for the future that we will leave to our children, can not afford - in a Christian and European perspective - to neglect even the smallest possibility to reopen (e.g. by cold fusion) the DOORS OF HOPE for a future of PEACE, SUSTAINABILITY and EQUITY for every human being, regardless of ethnicity, country of origin and social status.

On the other hand, human presence and civilization on Earth is at stake, as well as the survival of the entire planetary environment that we should have preserved and cared for, in harmony with a Christian spirit and with respect for the commands received from the Creator.

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  2. Sia la CONVERSIONE ECOLOGICA, sia la CONVIVENZA dei Popoli appaiono oggi due percorsi obbligati e problematici da intraprendere, sebbene socialmente "dolorosi" (aldilà delle edulcorazioni).La crisi che viviamo è CRISI ENERGETICA. Ed è proprio questo il punto su cui riflettere perché prima di imporre all'intera famiglia umana un cammino di tal genere - moralmente obbligato - occorrerebbe essere certi che non vi siano strade alternative. Investigare strade alternative - magari lungo il cammino intrapreso - è anch'esso obbligo morale, specie per coloro che rivendicano una appartenenza cristiana. Se la FUSIONE FREDDA (e tutto il resto dei cinque punti in questo post del bolg) è una "bufala", allora non ci sono al momento alternative. Sta di fatto che non pochi scienziati seri sostengono che la FUSIONE FREDDA (processo che produce più energia di quanta ne consuma) è un fenomeno fisico vero e misurabile e non sono state fatte sufficienti ricerche per vedere quanto sia realmente sfruttabile per dare ENERGIA PRATICAMENTE GRATIS A TUTTI (ammesso che "coloro che governano il mondo" lo permetteranno mai!).

    Dopo la Laudato Sii' appare obbligo morale della Chiesa Cristiana accertare la Verità prima di spingere la famiglia umana su un cammino difficile, problematico e doloroso.